Your most important application of the year

Poa Annua - South Africa

Top tip for South African greenkeepers.

When soil temperatures reach 16°C Poa annua start to germinate.

Take preventative measures by applying 2 L/ha Pennant Magnum and follow up 21 days later.

Defend your course against large patch

Remember to get your preventative application down in time.

Large patch preventative rate per ha
1,4L Banner Maxx + 250g Heritage

Large patch curative rate per ha
2L Banner Maxx + 372g Heritage

Remember to follow up 21 days later.

Headway Maxx - South African Greenkeepers


Ryder protects your turf from the cold and keeps it GREEN throughout WINTER.

A brilliant tool for warm season turf during the cold winter months from April through to August/September!

Apply 1-2 litres/ha Ryder every 6 – 8 weeks. (You could start by just spraying April & August to assist the plant into and out of winter.)

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