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Customers tell us why they trust Syngenta products to make their turf quality the best it can be.

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Easy to use downloadable recording sheets to keep all your spray records in order ...

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Use the GreenCast spray calculator to help set up your sprayer, and for everyday help with accurate application.

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Keeps spray records complete eliminating the need for manual record keeping

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See the difference in performance between XC nozzles and standard Technology

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Achieving exceptional results using XC technology for outstanding performance

Application Top Tips

Andrew Kerr shares experience and Top Tips for best practice

Create a safe mix

Save time and money with safe spray application mixtures

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Application Timing Advice

Make the most of every application with this application timing guide. See more about the different diseases that can effect you and find information on Syngenta's state of the art application technology.

Art of Application

Get even! With Syngenta XC Nozzles

Syngenta Turf XC Nozzles are innovative and unique. Air induction technology produces less than 3% drift compared to 14% with conventional nozzles. Optimum backward spray feature gives maximum coverage of every turf leaf and carefully calculated spray angle ensures even coverage between nozzles even when the boom drops.