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Welcome to Syngenta Turf ZA

Away with the fairy rings

Disease and Insect Control

In the latest BIGGA In Depth feature Glenn Kirby explains how Control of fairy ring demands a whole change in mindset to tackling almost any other disease in turf.

Cut the cost of fairway management


Greenkeepers and turf advisors can now find out the potential time and cost savings for their own courses when using Primo Maxx to reduce mowing requirements on fairways.

Focus on Summer Argonomic solutions

Summer: we have got the right solution for your problem

Focus on Spring: Diseases and Solutions

Spring: what diseases are prevalent at this time and how we can help.

Primo Maxx now available in 5 litres

The Ultimate Fairway Package ... less work, more play! Now available in 5 litres.

Early start stop stress with Qualibra

Starting wetting agent programmes earlier this spring will aid faster recovery of turf...

The Syngenta Art of Application

Accurate spray application is an essential element of getting the best possible...

Nkosi Sikelela Africa

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