Instrata Fungicide - Disease Control Inside Out

Fungicide for South African Golf Courses

Instrata is a fast acting turf fungicide available in South Africa that gives fast acting disease control because if affects the plant inside and out. 

In brief - 

  • Powerful contact and systemic activity covers all situations
  • Multi-active combination gives protectant, curative and eradicant activity across all key turf diseases
  • Includes the exciting new active ingredient fludioxonil – the first new contact acting turf fungicide for over 30 years
  • Recommended for all stages of disease attack, at any time of the year
  • Easy to use with reliable results

Three actives: three-way Instrata action

Instrata contains three high performance actives from three different fungicide groups – combining fludioxonil, chlorothalonil and propiconazole for fast and effective defence and attack. 

The one solution to tackle turf diseases all year round, Instrata activity can:

  • Stop disease infection fast
  • Stop disease developing
  • Stop disease spread

It has protectant, curative and eradicant impact against turf diseases including microdochium patch, anthracnose, dollar spot and brown patch

All year round solution.


Instrata Fungicide for Turf in South Africa

The powerful contact and systemic activity in Instrata covers all situations in all seasons. Instrata is the simple one-product solution to keep ‘on the shelf’.

Application advice

Instrata may be applied by both boom and walkover sprayers using a medium to fine spray pattern, to achieve good coverage and spray retention on the leaf. 

Apply Instrata at an application rate of 9 litres per hectare, using a water volume of 500–1000 l/ha.

For best results apply Instrata as a preventative application when conditions indicate a high risk of disease infection. Alternatively, spray at the first signs of disease presence.

Instrata can be used at all times of the year, with a minimum 14 day interval between applications. Use a maximum of three applications per year, as part of an Integrated Turf Management programme.

Long lasting performance

Instrata has been proven to give effective and persistent control of Microdochium Patch, Anthracnose and other turf diseases. The result in independent trials has been consistently better turf quality up to six weeks after application.

Instrata contains fludioxonil – the exciting new contact active ingredient from Syngenta. The first new contact fungicide for turf for over 30 years, fludioxonil sets a new standard in long-lasting efficacy for turf disease control.

The triple action of Instrata, including two multi-site contact active ingredients, will significantly reduce the risk of fungicide resistance developing and will prove an important element of any Integrated Turf Management (ITM) programme.

Instrata is a high performance, simple-to-use fungicide that is exceptionally well suited to maintaining consistently higher playing surface quality for golf courses and bowling greens all year-round.

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