Golf Course Turf - Application Timings

Golf Course Application Timing

GDDs and growth potential 

Growing Degree Days (GDDs) are commonly utilised to predict important events in plant development. Knowing your accumulated GDD threshold can help you better manage your application timing, including predicting PGR application intervals, as well as insect and disease timing. 

Primo Maxx is a great product and GDD is a great tool to get the very best out of it. You don’t need to use GDD, but a basic understanding of how the two work together could help you get better and more consistent results. 

Primo Maxx for South African Golf Courses

The Houghton success story 

When our Syngenta team recently met with Stuart Ross at Houghton, we gained a foot of speed by using Primo Maxx. We know speed alone can kill, but Primo Maxx increases rooting, tillering thus trueness of role and plant health. 

Below is a hypothetical graph that shows the growth curve after a Primo Maxx application. 

Growth curve after a Primo Maxx application

Timing is everything 

Let one of our Talking Turf experts help you identify your application windows so that you are ready when they are approaching. 

GDDs at your finger tips with the new Turf Advisor App

Just tap the image below to download the free Turf Advisor app for IOS or Android. It's could be the best thing you today. 

Turf Advisor App for South Africca