Mole Cricket crisis? Say no more.

Mole Crickets on South African Golf Courses

As winter is coming to an end and we're preparing for spring and summer, the last thing you want is an invasion of some unwanted guests, creating havoc on your turf.

Mole crickets will leave a path of destruction on your greens and turf if you don't act quick enough, so you need to send them packing before they even know what hit them.

Meridian offers high levels of pest control from lower rates of use and reduced environmental loading. It has a high water solubility – at least eight times greater than other soil acting insecticides – and it gives even distribution in the soil and contributes to rapid and efficient insect control.

This is just what you need to get the upper hand over mole crickets!

Catch of the day

We've recently put Meridian to the test to combat a mole cricket infestation. We applied the insecticide late afternoon and watered it in directly after. The result? Here's what we found the next morning:

Mole Crickets on South African Golf Courses



Apply Meridian at 1kg/ha to get control of eggs, 1st and 2nd instars. 

Get your magic mole cricket fix

Don't let mole crickets ruin your course. We can help. If you would like to chat about the best way to apply Meridian  at your facility, please get in touch with our turf specialists.

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