NoMow Plant Growth Regulator

NoMow Plant Growth Regulator - South African Golf Courses

"Leopard Creek from 1997-2000 – kikuyu fairways & semi – 1 litre/ha NoMow every 28 days tank mixed with Talking Turf Foliar. It makes your life as a super a dream – great turf quality & ease of maintenance.”

Just launched for all turf professionals in South Africa - NoMow the trusted and economical plant growth regulator (PGR) that optimises mowing effort and turf quality.

  • Great turf quality and ease of maintenance
  • Improved density, rooting and plant health
  • Enhanced playability and speed
  • Reduced mowing, cost savings


  • Formulation type: EC formulation
  • Technology: Plant growth regulator
  • Pack size: 5 litre
  • Contains: 250 g/l trinexapac-ethyl

Area of Use
Warm Season Turf Grass:

Recommended period of use
NoMow can be safely used for up to 12 months of the year, as long as active turf growth occurs.

Application information
Kikuyu tees, fairways, semi rough & sports fields
Tees & Semi rough & sports fields:  250 - 500ml/ha every 14-28 days
Fairways: 500 ml - 1 l/ha every 14-28 days
Tank mix:
Tank mix with TT Star (2-10 l/ha), TT Foliar (8-12,5 kg/ha), Ryder 300 ml-1 l/ha

  • For the reduction of leaf and stem growth of grass species
  • Enhances turf health and playing surface consistency
  • Improved density/rooting
  • Enhances colour/striping
  • Reduce need for mowing, saving time and money
  • Flexibility in wet weather
  • Suitable for Kikuyu greens, fairways and tees, semi-rough and sports fields

NoMow Plant Growth Regulator is a trusted and economical turf growth regulator for large areas that optimises the mowing effort and improves turf quality. It should be applied to actively growing turf at least 6 hours before or after mowing. Good mowing management leading up to application is required to achieve a good quality turf surface and to obtain the best results.

No Mow is an emulsion concentrate (EC) with minimal odour. It mixes completely with water and may be tank mixed with many commonly used fungicides and liquid fertilisers.

Physical compatibility of mixtures is not a guarantee that a tank mix will be safe to turf (eg NoMow is compatible with broadleaf herbicides containing MCPA, 2,4-D amine or dicamba, but the tank mix can cause transient yellowing after application).

Fantastic cost effective product to reduce mowing & produce your ultimate playing surface