South Africa Turf Guide - What Turf Product Apply and When

South Africa Turf Guide - Application Timings - All products, all diseases.

This free to download guide is essential for greenkeepers and turf professionals in South Africa. It lists all diseases your turf suffers from, when they are most likely to occur, what grass types are susceptible to them and importantly what product (fungicide, herbicide, PGR, insecticide, turf pigment, wetting agent) to apply to control the disease and when to apply it. 

First, some Key Application Tips.

Ensure the water you are using has a PH of 6,5 before adding the product. 

  • SOIL BORNE DISEASES (WATER IN IMMEDIATELY) – Example: Fairy Ring, Pythium root rot, Summer Patch, Take-all Patch
  • FOLIAR DISEASES (LEAVE ON THE LEAF FOR AT LEAST 3 HOURS) – Example: Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Pythium Blight, Microdochium Patch
  • CROWN AND LEAF SHEATH DISEASES (NOT TO WATER IN) – Example: Brown Ring Patch and Large Patch
  • Products NOT TO WATER IN – Daconil Weatherstik (multi-site product to reduce the risk of resistance), Instrata, Subdue Maxx, Primo Maxx, Ryder
  • Products to WATER IN IMMEDIATELY – Qualibra; Subdue Maxx should ONLY be watered in if applied for Pythium root rot
  • COMPATIBILITY – Qualibra is compatible with Karate, Meridian, Heritage/Heritage Maxx, Subdue Maxx
  • POA MANAGEMENT – Tank mix Primo Maxx & Cultar (Don’t apply Cultar within 14 days of Banner Maxx or Headway Maxx)

    - Fence/paving kill off – 3 litres/ha Fusilade Forte & follow up 21 days later – slow kill, but long-term kill.

    - Add 2 litres/ha Pennant Magnum as a pre- emergent for grass and weeds. (Pennant Magnum – must be applied to moist soil & water in within 24 hours.)


Now download the free guide by clicking here. Or just tap the chart image below. 


South Africa Turf Guide - What Turf Products to Apply and When


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