Good to Great with PGRs

Plant Growth Regulators for Turf South Africa

Plant growth regulators have changed the life of turf managers allowing us to produce a high quality playing surface with a healthier plant (increased rooting & tillering – sideways growth), improved colour & of course playability as the ball sits up so well on a fairway.

After being on the original Primo Maxx trials at Pebble Beach back in 1996. I sprayed NoMow on the kikuyu tees, fairways & semi rough at Leopard Creek when I returned in 1997.

With reduced mowing and increased turf quality it is a no brainer.

With a cost saving on maintenance I was able to produce a fantastic playing surface – mowing less days per week and spraying every 28 days.

Remember to reduce the rate as you increase your height of cut. Fairways would typically be sprayed at 1 litre/ha with 12,5 kg of TT Foliar in 300 litres water per ha. 

Semi rough – best to reduce the rate to 500 ml/ha. 

You will soon have a healthy semi – members may even complain that the ball sits up too well!

The great news is we have managed to re-register NoMow for the kikuyu golf and sports field market of South Africa. 

This product not only makes your life so much easier it also makes you look like the star!

Feel free to contact Talking Turf for the best application timing for your course. 

You will never look back – fantastic turf quality with reduced maintenance – it’s a no brainer.