Tips for Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot on South African Golf Courses

We are grateful for the Smith Kerns model which shows you when you are at high risk in your area. Feel free to contact us for your areas model.

Dew Management is a key preventative maintenance tool for many diseases, but particularly dollar spot.

Dew contains nutrient rich water (exudates) which triggers disease if left on the leaf. Complement super is an effective dew management product to break the surface tension – apply this product with your fungicide,

Primo Maxx & foliar feed every 10-14 days to make your life easier.

Avoid dew removal with sprinklers as this generally leads to overwatering & algae. A hose pipe dragged by 2 people is another quick & easy dew removal method.

Cultural practices to reduce Dollar Spot infection.

• Reduce thatch

• Increase air circulation.

• Avoid drought stress and irrigate turf frequently enough to maintain good soil moisture when the disease is active

• Rolling, mowing in the morning, and dew removal help reduce disease severity on greens and elsewhere.

• Apply appropriate systemic fungicides on a preventive basis

Winter is always a fantastic time of year for courses to plan budgets, service irrigation, install drainage, service & rebuild equipment & of course plan your IPM.

Developing a sound nutrition & integrated pest management programme is key to your success.

Be sure to use sustainable solutions at your club – Daconil Weatherstik is a fantastic contact fungicide which not does kill your beneficial microbes or affect your wildlife.

Feel free to email your latest soil results for your free nutrition & IPM programme.