Talking Turf tips to produce your ultimate golf playing surface

How to produce the perfect golf playing surface - South Africa


Spring Treatment

12mm hollow tyne and backfilled with the same material your greens were constructed with.


Every 21 days from Sept to April will give you a smooth, firm playing surface. Be careful not to dust too heavily as this will result in layering.


Make sure every sprinkler has been serviced fully – this is a time consuming, but very necessary task.


Have your annual services been done? Regular servicing will save you money & down time.


Do your reels need grinding if you don’t own a grinder?


Make sure you are stocking all the necessary items as there are still serious delays on imported parts for both equipment and irrigation.

South African Golf Course Turf Tips

Mowing patterns

Lines need constant tweaking.


Training on how to change a cup – this can truly make a green look so bad. Take the time to teach your team to knit a cup, ensure the levels are perfect and water the cup after changing.

Whoever marks the cups PLEASE DON’T paint a big dot on the green!

Remove the cap of the paint and keep it at 5mm and give the superintendent the measurement of the pin. IF you do have painted cups – ensure you knit it together BEFORE you change the cup.


Sand level and edging checks – this should be done by the bunker raking team every 3 months – I like using the guys that rake the bunkers for this task. Consistency is key on bunkers. Tough with irrigation to ensure all or none are irrigated. Most importantly make sure your faces are maintained so that the ball rolls down to the base of the bunker. If your bunkers are too firm then purchase a “Fluffy” from Charl Blaauw at St Francis Links – a cheap & effective tool. Any soft bunkers should be compacted with a wetting agent – 200 ml in a knapsack & watered in every Monday. Greenside bunkers should have a fluff of 2,5 cm & fairway bunkers a fluff of 1,25cm.

Staff training

We are only as good as our teams. I love training in small huddles – greens mowers – be with your mowers in the morning. Check the dew for disease and check the mowers for operator errors and clippings – by doing this you truly understand your plant health.

Watering will ultimately determine your plant health – ensure you are watering at the right time with the right amount. I love simple hand held moisture meters for every staff member using a hose pipe – takes out the guessing game.

Soil tests

We review our clients soils annually and draw up new programmes according to their soils needs.

South African Golf Course Turf Tips Spring 2022


We then add the integrated pest management to the programme allowing you to produce your ultimate playing surface.

By applying the right product at the right time you will save your budget, operate in a sustainable manor & look like the hero!

I love seeing the joy on our clients faces when it all comes together. We are blessed to do what we love.

This article first appear in the Nov / Dec Edition of SA Golf Trader.

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