Snow surprise: Keep your turf in check this winter

Ryder Pigment for Turf Protection

The recent freezing temperatures and unprecedented snowfall in the northern parts of South Africa, coupled with the freezing weather elsewhere, have caught us all by surprise. Unfortunately these cold conditions can have a negative impact on your course condition. But don't worry, we have a solution to help you.

Ryder Turf Pigment for South African Golf Courses

Ryder protects your turf from the cold and keeps it green.

Ryder is a fantastic product to use if you are looking to keep your course green and lush during winter stress, and you can use it multiple times per year. Ryder protects your turf from harmful UV rays and excessive light, delivering a consistent natural green colour.

You can apply it as a programme to improve colour in periods of stress to maintain appearance.

Here's how to apply Ryder for best results:

  • Fairways and tees: Apply 1-2 litres/ha Ryder every 4 – 8 weeks.
  • Greens: Best applied 300 ml – 500 ml/ha every 14 days.
  • Can tank mix with all Syngenta Turf products and foliar feeds that don’t contain copper.

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