30 years of Primo Maxx : how to precondition your course with PGRs

Plant Growth Regulators - South African Golf Courses


If your course is operating with a limited crew or is seeing increased levels of play, plant growth regulators (PGRs) can offer relief to daily mowing schedules and disruption to play on the course.

Proven protection with Primo Maxx®

Maintain healthier turf by implementing a pre-stress conditioning program with Primo Maxx. It prepares turf to withstand ongoing stressors including heat, drought and disease, thus improving turf quality, playability and wear tolerance throughout the season. Primo Maxx works by slowing the production of gibberellic acid, a plant hormone that promotes cell elongation. This causes vertical shoot growth to slow while lateral and below-ground growth of rhizomes, stolons, tillers and roots increases.

Multiple applications of Primo Maxx will help reduce water use and improve drought tolerance, potentially providing irrigation system efficiencies through water and electricity cost savings.

Other benefits of Primo Maxx include:

  • Reducing the frequency of mowing and amount of grass clippings
  • Decreasing the vertical growth of warm and cool season turf grasses
  • Increasing turf density
  • Enhancing turf colour
  • Mitigation of disease resistance
Plant Growth Regulators - South African Golf Courses


McCann and Huang, "Effects of Trinexapac-Ethyl Foliar Application on Creeping Bentgrass Responses to Combined Drought and Heat Stress."

Extensive research has proven the effects of preconditioning with Primo Maxx and subsequent heat and drought stress. A study conducted by Dr. Bingru Huang and Steve McCann at Rutgers University found preconditioning plants with Primo Maxx was beneficial for plant survival during extended periods of combined drought and heat stress.

Recommendations for application

Primo Maxx should be applied to healthy, actively growing turf before the onset of stress. Alongside cultural practices such as proper management of fertilization, irrigation, drainage and optimum mowing height, Primo Maxx can be applied throughout the growing season as long as the turf remains healthy. Application rates depend on the species of turf and its height of cut. Please review the product label and our agronomic program for specific recommendations.

Growing Degree Days (GDDs) are commonly utilized to predict important events in plant development. Knowing your accumulated GDD threshold can help you better manage your application timing, including predicting PGR application intervals.

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