South Africa Turf Disease Guide - Large Patch (Kikuyu Patch)

Disease and Insect Control
South Africa Turf Disease Guide - Large Patch

Causal Agent:

Rhizoctonia solani

Susceptible Turfgrass:


Large patch is a widely spread disease on Kikuyu fairways, Kikuyu sports fields & Kikuyu lawns in South Africa. This disease infects the roots and slowly works its way up the plant. It can take months before symptoms are visible on the playing surface. This disease is spread by dead or alive plant material so best to apply a systemic fungicide like Headway Maxx prior to any cultural practices.

South Africa Turf Disease Guide - Large Patch

Application Timing:

  • Autumn with a follow up application 21 days later
  • Headway Maxx at 2-3 litres/ha is very effective
  • A spring application of Headway Maxx is also recommended

Integrated Turf Management Tips:

  • Treat in Autumn and Spring 2-3 litres/ha Headway Maxx
  • Do a follow up application 21 days later in Autumn
  • Best to spike prior to applying Headway Maxx and water in immediately for a few minutes • It is not how much water, but how quickly you water in that is important
  • Preventative rate: 2-3 litres/ha Headway Maxx
  • Curative rate: 3-9 litres/ha

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If you would like to have a complete copy with all the turf diseases, you can download it on the link below.

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