Turf Disease Guide South Africa - Free Download

Disease and Insect Control
Producing the best golf playing surface in South Africa

Every turf disease, foliar and root that can affect your golf course. How to identify them, how to treat them and what to treat them with. We cover ALL of the turf diseases native to South Africa and Southern Africa including all greenkeepers favourites like anthracnose, dollar spot, fairy ring, red thread and microdochium.

Just tap the links below to read about specific diseases. Or download the full free guide at the bottom.

  1. Anthracnose
  2. Brown Patch 
  3. Brown Ring Patch (Waitea Patch) 
  4. Dollar Spot 
  5. Fairy Ring 
  6. Superficial Fairy Ring 
  7. Grey Leaf Spot 
  8. Large Patch 
  9. Microdochium Patch 
  10. Powdery Mildew 
  11. Pythium Blight 
  12. Pythium Root Rot (Root Dysfunction) 
  13. Red Thread 
  14. Rhizoctonia Zeae (Rhizoctonia leaf and sheath spot) 
  15. Rusts: Crown, Leaf and Stem 
  16. Spring Dead Spot 
  17. Summer Patch 
  18. Take-all Patch  and
  19. Take-all Root Rot 

If you would like to have a complete copy with all the turf diseases, you can download it on the link below.