South Africa Turf Disease Guide - Microdochium Patch

Disease and Insect Control
South Africa Turf Disease Guide - Microdochium Patch

Causal Agent:

Microdochium nivale (same species that causes pink snow mold)

Susceptible Turfgrass:

Most species of cool season turf


Microdochium Patch causes patches that are yellow or reddish-brown in colour and342.5 to 15 cm
in diameter. The periphery of the patches are reddish brown or pink in colour. “Smoke rings” – thin, brown borders around the diseased patches that appear only in the early morning – can occur. The patches occur in cool, wet weather. Blighting in streaks can also occur as a result of spore tracking on• equipment wheels.

South Africa Turf Disease Guide - Microdochium Patch

Conditions Favouring Disease:

Microdochium Patch thrives in temperatures from 0 to 15°C and in locations that experience more than 10 hours a day of foliar wetness for several consecutive days. It also favours areas high in nitrogen fertility and low in phosphorous and potash. Microdochium Patch also infects areas with slow growing conditions and heavy thatch.

Integrated Turf Management Tips:

  • Best to start preventative applications in early May and continue through winter • Maintain balanced fertility but avoid urea sources of nitrogen
  • Avoid using lime. Alkaline soils enhance disease development
  • Increase air circulation to speed turf’s drying process.
  • Minimise the amount of shade
  • Reduce thatch
  • Apply fungicides prior to or at the first signs of disease. Turf recovery is more likely in the Autumn • Make additional fungicide applications as needed during the Winter. Turf recovery is slow during the Winter so maintain a fungicide programme to reduce turf damage.

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