South Africa Turf Disease Guide - Brown Ring Patch (Waitea Patch)

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South Africa Turf Disease Guide - Waitea Brown Ring Patch

Protect your turf from Brown Ring Patch

Brown Ring Patch is a disease that can take hold of your turf during spring, early summer as daytime temperatures increase. However, with the right timing and the right product, you can get rid of Brown Ring Patch and keep your turf healthy all season long.

Susceptible Turfgrass:

Creeping Bentgrass, Paspalum, Poa Annua, Ultra-Dwarf Bermuda


Brown Ring Patch is a widely spread disease on greens in South Africa. This disease infects the roots and slowly works its way up the plant. It can take months before symptoms are visible on the playing surface. Rhizoctonia diseases are spread by dead or alive plant material so best to apply a systemic fungicide like Headway Maxx prior to any cultural practices. Infection typically begins as thin yellow rings, ranging from several inches to a foot in diameter (10 cm to 0.3 m). Rings may be circular or irregular in shape, and may become brown over time. Patches often have a greenish colour behind the yellow ring which tends to be soft and sunken. Symptoms are very similar to those of Yellow patch, and can also be confused with fairy ring and summer patch. Unlike yellow patch however, Waitea patch tends to occur over a broader range of temperatures, and persists into the warmer weather of the summer.

South Africa Turf Disease Guide - Waitea Brown Ring Patch

Conditions Favouring Disease:

The disease can first appear in the cooler weather of the spring and persist into the warm temperatures of the summer. Infection has been shown to occur between
10° - 35° C with optimal temperatures of 25° to 30° C. The pathogen is thought to infect the upper roots, crown, stem and leaves of individual plants. It also appears to degrade thatch, which can cause sunken rings on putting greens.

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