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Authorisation Number: 
Reg. No. L6900 Act no 36 of 1947
Pack size: 
WD Water dispersible granule formulation
Mode of action: 

An effective systemic fungicide derived from a group of naturally occuring compounds with fungicidal properties produced by various wood decaying mushrooms. Unique mode of action, extended application intervals and low dose rates.


Heritage provides powerful protection; targeting the pathogen at the very early stages of the of infection, eliminating disease before it has chance to cause damaging effects on the turf.

A water dispersible granule systemic and translaminar fungicide with curative properties for the preventive control of diseases in lawns and turf grasses, other sports fields and recreational areas.

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Heritage with a combination of Banner and Daconil have proven successful in the control and prevention of anthracnose. Find out more about the treatment for turf grass here

Turf Care South Africa Anthracnose
Turf disease protection that stays cut..
Five-way turf disease protection: 

• Targets disease attack before damage is caused
• Gives long-lasting protection for 28 days
• Is a systemic fungicide belonging to the strobilurin group of active ingredients
• Has natural origins
• Root, crown and foliar uptake

Broad-spectrum protection
Heritage is a systemic fungicide with preventive and curative properties for control of some of the toughest turf diseases.


Labelled diseases
Anthracnose Leaf Spot Necrotic Ring Spot Rusts
Brown Patch Melting Out Pythium Blight Summer Patch
Fairy Ring Microdochium Patch
(Fusarium Patch)
Pythium Root Rot Take-All Patch
Grey Leaf Spot Red Thread

Lawns and turf grass, other sports fields and recreational areas

Legal warning

Hazard Statements

  • Handle with care

Precautionary Statements

  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst handling product Destroy empty container and do not use for any other purpose Wash with soap and water after use. Wash contaminated clothing after use
Personal Protective Equipment
  • Wear rubber gloves and face shield.

Other Restriction of Use

HERITAGE is extremely phytotoxic to apples. Do not apply HERITAGE where spray drift can contaminate apple trees.
Do not feed HERITAGE treated grass clippings to animals.

Tank mixing

Water volume

800 - 1 000 litres water/ha


Adapt the pressure for each spray-type.


1 hour

Tank mix lifespan

Do not allow spray mixture to stand overnight. Make up only the amount required for immediate use.

Tank mix stability


Type Title Description
To preserve the environment


"Avoid contact with spray. Avoid spray drift onto other crops, rivers or dams.Only to be used under supervision of registered members of the Golf Course Managers and Greenkeepers Association or registered Turf Grass Pest Control Operators."

  • EMERGENCY TEL.: ++27 (0) 8312 33 911


    • Systemic & translaminar fungicide
    • Azoxystrobin “Greening”  effect
    • Azoystrobin effect leading to slight stomatal closing & reduction in water transpiration


    • Controls disease before it starts and on both sides of the leaf. 2-3 new leaves not yet emerged will also be controlled
    • Turf will assimilate nitrogen more efficiently leading to greener , healthier looking turf 
    • Turf uses less water to grow than untreated turf ( Water Use efficiency)