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Headway Maxx

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Authorisation Number: 
Reg. No. L10302 Act / Wet No. 36 of / van 1947
Pack size: 
3 litres
Activity Group: 
Micro emulsion
Mode of action: 

A micro emulsion concentrate fungicide for the preventive, broad spectrum control of various diseases in lawn and turf grasses, sports fields and recreational areas.

South Africa

Headway Maxx for double action long-lasting disease protection

For all sports turf surfaces, including golf, tennis, bowls and winter sports, the Headway Maxx combination of two outstanding active ingredients for the control of turf diseases increases flexibility for use throughout the growing season – with improved performance and greater security.

Label approvals for: 
Label approvals
Trials have also identified additional effects on:

  • Fairy Ring
  • Brown Patch
  • Red Thread
  • Rust
  • Basidomycetes

Double up on turf disease activity
Headway Maxx contains two of the worlds most successful turf fungicide active ingredients, providing disease protection both inside and outside the plant: 

Azoxystrobin     Propiconazole
  • Broad spectrum activity            
  • Outstanding protection from foliar and soil-borne
    disease infection
  • Systemic and translaminar movement protects turf as it grows
  • Stops attacks early – before spore germination
  • Long-lasting control
  • Protective, curative and eradicant activity
  • Fast uptake into the plant leaf
  • Systemic movement to protect new leaf growth
  • Stops fungal development inside the plant

Combining both active ingredients in one pre-formulated product gives:

  • Improved performance
  • Increased flexibility for greater convenience
  • Wider application window – easy to use
  • Complimentary power of two activities
  • Dual modes of action minimise resistance potential

Proven Performance
Headway Maxx has been extensively tried and tested on high quality turf at the state of the art Syngenta turf research facility, as well as by independent researchers and turf managers at prestigious golf and sports turf facilities across the UK. 

STRI trials at Bingley in Yorkshire showed Headway Maxx to be an outstandingly effective treatment for Fusarium, with incredibly persistent results, weeks after application. Headway Maxx delivered significantly greater levels of disease control, which lasted far longer than other fungicides. 

Headway Maxx has performed outstandingly in trials, with up to 48% better disease control than the average of these comparative fungicides.
Headway Maxx achieved virtually 100% control over four weeks 
after application, and was still achieving over 80% control more than 12 weeks after application.

In Michigan State University fungicide trials, leading US turf researcher, Dr Joe Vargas reports Headway Maxx 
treatments as being “especially efficacious”.  

Turf protection through the growing season
Headway Maxx provides a fast, effective, double action systemic fungicide perfectly suited for use throughout the growing season.
Rates of use: 
Apply Headway Maxx at an application rate of 3 litres per hectare, using a water volume of 250–1000 l/ha.
Low rate of application  = faster tank mixing and fewer containers to dispose of
Low water volume = faster spraying

Application timing: 
For best results apply Headway Maxx as a preventative application when conditions become favourable for disease infection – use to forecast disease risk. Alternatively, spray at the first signs of disease presence.

Headway Maxx is best applied during periods of turf growth, from early spring to late autumn. A maximum of four applications may be made per year, with a minimum spray interval of 14 days between applications. Use no more than two sequential Headway Maxx applications, as part of an Integrated Turf Management programme.

Application technique: 
Headway Maxx may be applied by boom, walkover and knapsack sprayers. Use a medium to fine spray pattern, to achieve good coverage and spray retention on the leaf. LERAP B.

Headway Maxx is approved for use on all managed amenity turf and amenity grassland.

Diseases Application rate Turf areas

Fusarium Patch
Dollar Spot
Leaf Spot
Take All

3 l/ha All managed amenity turf, including all areas of golf courses, bowling greens, sports turf and amenity grassland

Formulation spot on for turf application

The Headway Maxx formulation is better for turf and for sprayer operators.
The formulation creates significantly smaller particles, resulting in faster uptake by the leaf and easier movement through the plant:

  • Targets disease more effectively
  • Continually redistributes active through the leaf to protect new growth
  • Systemic movement replenishes fungicide protection after mowing

Rapid uptake into the leaf with the majority of the product absorbed within one hour of application reduces the risk of Headway Maxx being washed off by rain – ensuring maximum use by the plant and minimal environmental loss.

The Headway Maxx formulation is extremely turf safe – with less risk of turf damage or discolouration and reducing stress on plants.

For sprayer operators the Headway Maxx formulation ensures:

  • Easier mixing
  • Virtually no odour
  • Clear spray solution for clean leaves
  • No clogging of filters
  • Simple one-can solution for twin-action disease control

A broad spectrum, systemic, translaminar and protectant fungicide that inhibits spore germination and mycelial growth. Rapidly absorbed by the assimilating parts of the plant. It is transported acropetally in the xylem. This systemic translocation contributes to good distribution of the active ingredient within the plant tissue.

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Effective at treating the South African turf grass disease, Large Patch (pictured below).

South Africa Golf Turf Care Treating Large Patch


Legal warning

Re-entry Period

  • 28 days. O NOT allow entry into treated areas until the spray has dried for low exposure activities (such as mowing).

Hazard Statements

  • Harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin
  • Toxic to fish and other aquatic life
  • Avoid contact with skin or eyes since product may cause eye and skin irritation
  • Store away from food and feed
  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.
  • Do not feed HEADWAY MAXX treated grass clippings to animals.
  • HEADWAY MAXX is extremely phytotoxic to certain apple varieties.
  • Do not spray when conditions favour drift beyond the area intended for application.

Precautionary Statements

  • Not to be used for any purpose, or in any manner, contrary to this label unless authorised under appropriate legislation.
  • DO NOT inhale spray mist. Harmful if inhaled.
  • DO NOT apply using spraying equipment carried on the back of the user.
  • Change and wash your work clothes. Wash yourself.
  • Prevent contamination of food, feed, drinking water and eating utensils.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst handling this product.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Will irritate the eyes. In case of accidental eye contact, flush the eyes with clean water. In case of accidental skin contact, immediately wash the skin with clean water.
  • Clean applicator thoroughly after use and dispose of wash water where it will not contaminate crops, grazing, rivers or dams.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • When opening the container, preparing the product for use and using the product, wear: Cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist (or equivalent clothing); Elbow-length chemical resistant gloves and face shield or goggles.
  • If applying by hand, wear: Cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist over normal clothing; elbow-length chemical resistant gloves; face shield or goggles and half face piece respirator with organic vapour/gas cartridge or canister.
  • Wash hands after use and wash yourself.
  • After each day’s use wash gloves, respirator (if rubber, wash with detergent and warm water), face shield or goggles and contaminated clothing.
  • In case of accidental contact with clothing, remove your clothing and wash the clothing and yourself immediately.

Tank mixing

The following procedure should be followed: Pour the recommended portions of the products into a suitable container with water and mix thoroughly. Allow to stand for at least 20 minutes. If the mixture remains in suspension or can be re-mixed readily, the mixture could be considered to be physically compatible.

Products should be added to the spray tank in the following sequence as applicable: the recommended rate of HEADWAY MAXX, other WG formulations, dry flowable formulations, wettable powder formulations and flowable formulations.

Tank mix preparation

HEADWAY MAXX is compatible with most pesticides and foliar fertilisers used in turf management. However, compati-bility tests should always be done prior to mixing HEADWAY MAXX with any of these remedies.

Add the required amount of product directly to the spray tank and mix well. HEADWAY MAXX is a micro emulsion concentrate (MEC) with minimal odour, because the product does not contain petroleum solvents.

Implementation particular terms

HEADWAY MAXX mixes completely with water and maybe tank mixed with many commonly used fungicides and liquid fertilisers.

Water volume

Apply in 800 - 1 000 l water/ha as a preventative treatment


Typical spray pressure is 2-4 bars.


1 hour
There is no concern with regard to rainfastness on turfgrass. If the chemical is washed off from the foliage, it will pass into the thatch area where pathogens tend to reside until condi-tions are favourable for the development of the disease.

If the chemical does get to the soil, it will be taken up by the roots and translocated to the foliage due to its systemic activity. However, irrigation should not commence within at least two hours after application except if it is the purpose of the irrigation to wash HEADWAY MAXX into the soil or thatched area.

Tank mix lifespan

Use immediately

Tank mix stability


Type Title
To preserve the environment
Innovative thinking, practical applications

Prevent Spray Drift

  • In the event of a Toxic or Transport Emergency in South Africa please telephone +27 (0) 8312 33 911 at any time.


    • Contains two active ingredients with different modes of action providing preventative & curative control
    • Moves upwards in the plant in the xylem


    • Provides broad spectrum disease control on the surface and withing the leaf , with minimal risk of resistance build up
    • Will protect new leaves  which have not yet emerged.