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Daconil Weatherstik

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Authorisation Number: 
Reg. No. L6567 Act No. 36 of 1947
Pack size: 
5 litres
SC Suspention concentrate
Mode of action: 

Acts on the outside of the turf plant creating a strong barrier to prevent fungal infection. The precision milled formulation has small particles packed closely together to minimise openings for infection. High quality formulation that sticks and stays fopr long-lasting protection in wet conditions. Multi-site activity that targets the disease pathogen at different points in the lifecycle. Secondly, when Daconil WeatherStik is on the leaf it sticks and stays in position for optimised residual protection.

Daconil Weather Stik outperforms others in wet conditions.

Powerful contact fungicide that acts on the outside of the turf plant creating a strong barrier to prevent fungal infection.

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Daconil helps control a variety of turf grass diseases in South Africa including Brown Patch, Dollar Spot and Fading Out

Turf Care South Africa Brown Patch 

In Brief
Trials show strong curative effect of Daconil Weather Stik with outstanding results on Fusarium Patch (Microdochium Patch) infection
The high quality Syngenta Daconil Weather Stik formulation ensures protection sticks and stays in wet conditions
Preventative applications give the best results, but curative activity can tackle disease outbreaks
Research shows Daconil Weather Stik is more effective than iprodione for disease control and improved turf quality

Daconil Weather Stik:

  • Broad spectrum of activity
  • Disease control that sticks and stays
  • Powerful contact activity
  • Multi-site mode of action
  • Approved for use on a broad range of playing surfaces

Trials show curative control
Independent trials over two seasons have shown Daconil Weather Stik average 87% control of disease, demonstrating the powerful eradicant control.

Assessments of turf quality during independent trials have shown Daconil Weather Stik increased turf quality by more than 40% over the course of an autumn treatment programme, compared to just 5% improvement with iprodione.

In 2006, Daconil Weather Stik application reduced infection from a highly damaging 25%, to an acceptable 3%.

In 2007, Daconil Weather Stik held infection at just 2%.

Lawns and Turf

Hazard Statements

  • Handle with care

Precautionary Statements

  • Do not eat drink or smoke whilst handling this product Wash with soap and water after use Wash contaminated clothing after use Destroy empty container and do not use for any other purpose

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Wear rubber gloves and face shield. If you get in your eyes or on skin, flush out at once with clean water for at least 15 minutes.

Tank mixing

Implementation particular terms

Ensure thorough agitation of the mixture in the spray tank during mixing and spraying.


May be applied with conventional spray equipment. Calibrate the apparatus before application to ensure that the correct dosage is applied. The distribution of the spray solution must be uniform throughout the target area.


15 minutes

Tank mix lifespan

Prepared spray mixture must not be left in the spray tank for any length of time,

Tank mix stability


Type Title Description
To preserve the environment


"Avoid contact with spray. Avoid spray drift onto other crops, rivers or dams.
During wet or humid conditions, applications must be made more frequently."

  • EMERGENCY TEL.: ++27 (0) 8312 33 911


    • Multisite fungicide
    • Contact action
    • Weatherstick adjuvant


    • Reduces ability of disease to become resistant
    • Attacks fungus at the spore stage thus preventing disease from starting
    • Tenaciously sticks to the leaves reducing loss of product to wind & rain erosion. Disease control lasts longer due to Weatherstick