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3 Litres
EC Emulsifiable Concentrate
Mode of action: 

Rapidly absorbed by the assimilating parts of the plant, mostly within an hour of treatment. It is transported acropetally in the xylem. This systemic translocation contributes to good distribution of the active ingredient within the plant tissue.

An exciting high performance turf fungicide, with MAXX formulation makes BANNER MAXX faster and more reliable.

The exciting features of new advanced BANNER MAXX makes it the perfect choice for the control of dollar spot, brown patch, powdery mildew, rust, anthracnose and leaf spot on turf. 
Rates from 3.2-6 l/ha depending on disease type, severity and weather conditions.

Fast Acting Systemic






The new MAXX formulation is a blend of surfactants along with the active ingredient that have been specifically designed to be turf grass friendly (i.e. not phytotoxic) and stable in the bottle/tank. The AI is held in very  small particles called micelles. These small particles improved the entry of the AI into the plant via stomata allowing a faster uptake after application.

~1400 Primo Maxx particles can fit across each stomata.




~1400 Primo Maxx particles can fit across each stomata. 

Faster uptake and rainfastness makes BANNER MAXX especially valuable in wet or high humidity conditions that create high  risk conditions for Dollar Spot outbreaks.
BANNER MAXX works with the highly systemic movement of the active in the leaf – it does not rely on any vapour activity, which is inherently susceptible to environmental loss.
The fast uptake stops disease and quickly pr events damage to leaf  cells - enabling continued healthy photosynthetic activity to grow stronger turf.

Mycelia of Fusarium infection inside turf ryegrass leaf
BANNER MAXX targets turf disease mycelial growth inside the leaf, providing early curative control before infection damage affects turf quality. 

Fast uptake, fast movement, fast disease control, long lasting results


Forewarning of imminent turf disease attacks ensures disease protection application at the optimum time to prevent infection and damage to  playing surface quality.
The Syngenta GREENCAST turf management website gives a unique five-day forecast of impending disease risk for Dollar Spot and other key  turf diseases.
Furthermore, a five-day forecast of spray window opportunities enables spraying at the best possible time and can ensure BANNER MAXX protection is in place when high disease risk hits.
GREENCAST also contains a wealth of turf management information to  help greenkeepers and turf  managers’ decisions.


BANNER MAXX can be applied in a low water volume. Reduced water volume minimises the number of tanks and the time required to spray the course, and helps to achieve the optimum spray timing.
Apply BANNER MAXX using a medium to fine spray pattern to achieve good coverage of the leaf. Avoid over-wetting the leaf that can lead to spray runoff.
​The low application rate of just 3 l/ha and the easy to use Syngenta S-Pac enables safe and secure handling for faster sprayer filling, to save time and speed up spraying.

Re-entry Period

  • 14 days

Precautionary Statements

  • • Do not inhale the spray mist. • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. • Wash with soap and water after use. • Wash contaminated clothing after use. • Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst mixing or applying the product or before washing hands and face. • Avoid drift of spray onto other crops, grazing, rivers, dams and areas not under treatment. • Clean the applicator after use. Dispose of rinsate where it will not contaminate crops, grazing, rivers, dams and boreholes. • Prevent contamination of food, feed, drinking water and eating utensils. • Rinse the empty container three times with a volume of clean water equal to a minimum of 10 % of that of the container. Add the rinsate to the contents of the spray tank before destroying the container. • Do not use the empty container for any other purpose.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • • Wear rubber gloves and face shield when handling concentrate.

Tank mix preparation

Consult and comply with the recommendations of the partner products. Each product should be added separately to the bulk of the water in the spray tank and thoroughly mixed before adding the next chemical.

Implementation particular terms

Always use constant agitation of the sprayer tank during mixing, transportation and application.

Mixing and spraying

Half fill the spray tank with the required volume of clean water and start agitation. Add the required amount of Banner Maxx to the spray tank. Agitate the mixture thoroughly before use and continue agitation during spraying.

Water volume

400 - 1000 litres water/ha


Typical spray pressure is 2-4 bars.


30 minutes

Frost sensitivity


Tank mix stability


Type Title Description
To preserve the environment


Avoid spraying within 5m of unmanaged land. Do not apply under moisture and heat stress.

  • In the event of a Toxic or Transport Emergency in South Africa please telephone +27 (0) 8312 33 911 at any time.


    • Broad spectrum fungicide
    • Micro-emulsion formulation


    • Best in Class Dollar spot control
    • Quicker penetration of leaf surface allowing improved disease control