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Insect Control with Meridian

Disease and Insect Control

Turfgrass managers worldwide experience problems with insect damage in turf-grass. This is no exception for South Africa. Insects, like several types of grubs, mole-crickets, ants, termites and many other, infest in turf-grass and creates problems for turf quality and -development. Most of the damage occurred normally below the soil surface in the root zone, but can occur also above the soil surface, where the insects feed on the leaves.

Mole Cricket damage

Meridian™ 25 WG insecticide provides turf managers with an unprecedented degree of control and application flexibility in managing a broad spectrum of grubs and insects on their turf. This water dispersible granule contains 250 grams of active ingredient (Thiamethoxam) per kg of formulated products, and is conveniently packaged in 250 gram bottles.

Meridian is a water dispersible granule and belongs to the neoniconiod group of insecticides, which consists of Thiamethoxam, a world leading active ingredient for superior insect control. Meridian is mainly positioned in the "below surface" insect problems, providing both contact and ingestion activity. If treated preventatively, the insects stop feeding within hours leading to minimal turf damage. Death occurs quickly, usually within 24 - 48 hours. The product is most active in early development stages of the grubs and mole crickets. Alternative chemistry should be used for the adult stages.

Insects controlled with Meridian include soil pests such as billbugs and white grubs (such as Japanese beetles, oriental beetles, and European, Southern and Northern masked chafer) and mole-crickets; as well as foliar pests such as aphids, whiteflies, mealy-bugs and leafhoppers-among many others. Meridian also offers quick control of ants / termites and other insect pests of trees and shrubs.

There is a wide application window, allowing for flexibility regarding the time of application needed to maintain season-long control. Meridian has curative properties through the late second instar of insect development. It leaves little or no odor, and metabolizes slowly in turf-grass, allowing for extended control with good knockdown activity. Meridian has a favorable solubility value to ensure that it can act even under dry soil conditions and can be leach into the soil with a small amount of water.

The first application should take place between August en September at a dose rate of 1.2 kg / ha, followed by a second application in January. 6 Millimeter of irrigation is needed after application to ensure the product to leach into the upper levels of the soil. This program should result in season long control of most of the insects.

Meridian™ 25 WG is a superior product manufactured by Syngenta and distributed nationally by LHG Consulting and Services, who supplies this product to several well known and respected dealers in the Turf industry.