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Focus on Spring Disease's and Agronomic solutions

What disease's are prevalent in Spring and what you can do about it.

At Greencast South Africa, we're committed to partnering with golf course superintendents and providing innovative agronomic solutions that can lead to unrivaled turf quality. See below Agronomic tools for managing biotic and abiotic stress in the Spring period.

Spring disease alert: Large Patch

Large patch develops on warm-season grasses. Fairways - treat in May & early...

Headway Maxx ideal for Large Patch

A micro emulsion concentrate fungicide for the preventive, broad spectrum control of...

Spring disease alert: Waitea Patch

The disease can first appear in the cooler weather of the spring and persist into the...

Heritage Maxx ideal for Waitea Patch

A systemic strobilurin fungicide for the control of Waitea patch, Take-all patch and...

Spring insect alert: Mole crickets

After the first rains insects lay there eggs... be prepared

Meridian ideal for insect control

Meridian has been shown to be highly effective in controlling the damaging larval...