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South African Turf Disease Fungicide - Banner Maxx
South African Turf Disease Fungicide - Banner Maxx

Banner Maxx targets turf disease mycelial growth inside the leaf, providing early curative control before infection damage affects turf quality.

The new Banner Maxx formulation gets to work faster and is more reliable than ever, making it a great product to help you prevent and manage dollar spot, microdochium, brown patch, powdery mildew, rust, anthracnose and leaf spot.

Banner Maxx gets to work FASTER

The trusted choice to use curatively when disease symptoms become apparent.

The fast absorption and systemic fast movement combines to ensure effective "stopping power".

Banner Maxx acts in THREE ways to minimise the effects of turf diseases:

  1. Preventative. Prevents visible disease damage occuring. 

  2. Curative. Control disease after infection but before symptoms are expressed.

  3. Eradicant. Limits disease spread and aids in recovery of the new leaf.

Uptake and Translocation.

  • Excellent rain fastness- 1 Hour

  • Rapid uptake into leaf tissue with little root uptake

  • Excellent translaminar movement

  • Gradual "acropetal" movement towards leaf tip

Take control of your turf.

If you need advice or assistance with controlling or managing turf diseases, or if you want to get your turf back into shape, please contact us. 

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